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"Six Degrees of Separation"  Referral Reward Program

The movie "Six Degrees of Separation" is based on the theory that only six people separate one person from another, anywhere in the world (the "I know a friend, who knows a friend, who knows a friend, who knows you" type of thing).

Kirkbride Associates Six Degrees of Separation program, our thank you program for those of you who refer candidates to our firm, is based on the same concept.  Chances are, you already know someone who would be an ideal fit for one of the many positions we have open.  Or someone you know knows someone.  We just need to let you know that there's something in our Six Degrees of Separation program for everyone!

For your friend - there could be a fun, challenging, and rewarding new position at some of the leading companies in the country!  And a friend who's doing fun, challenging and rewarding work is more likely to be a happy friend.  Just think.  No more listening to your friend whine about how horrible work is, in between sips of martinis.  And that means more time for discussing important issues (global warming, or the new Sony Playstation, or fluid dynamics, or whatever) and doing even more important things.

For you (because we know you're not that altruistic) - our sincere and grateful thanks for the referral!

Hmm, not enough to catch your attention?  Okay, how about this?  Our sincere and grateful thanks for the referral plus up to $1,000.  (Yes that's cold hard cash!)  Now here are the "rules" of the game:

1. The individual must not already be registered with Kirkbride Associates. (We can verify this information with a couple of keystrokes.)

2. We need the name and a working phone number (or email address) of the potential candidate. (All names, numbers, sources, etc. are kept in confidence.)

3. Kirkbride Associates will issue payment of the referral fee after the candidate has worked 90 days with a Kirkbride Associates client company.



Wondering how to participate?  It's easy, just call us at 877-455-1527 or register names through our referral form below.  We will confirm or reject your referral within 24 hours!  That's it!  There is no limit to the number of people you can refer!  If you refer 10 people and we place all ten, you can earn an extra $10,000!!  In fact last year we had someone earn $23,000 towards the down payment on a house for his family by using this program.  (So really, don't you think you could take the time to pick up the phone or fill out the form?)

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